The good side of Coronavirus to Nigerians; it's many benefits

Have we ever wondered the benefit of the ravaging Coronavirus to Nigerians? 
Well, like it's usually said, there is nothing in this life that has the negative side that won't have it's other side as well as life itself is in two phases. 
Such is the case of the latest virus which has killed thousands of people spread across various countries of the world. 

Many Nigerians have wondered if as a country, we have all it takes to handle the highly contagious virus if it spreads to Nigeria, it finally dawned on us that our government had no concrete plan on ground to curtail it's spread to Nigeria when the first Italian was allowed entry into the nation without adequate screening or being quarantined.
The Positive Side of Corona Virus to Nigerians.

1. Medical sector
It would be recalled that President Muhammadu Buhari had on Friday, January 3, 2020 tasked Nigerians to put an end to seeking medical treatment abroad. This came at a time when Nigerians’ hope for improvement in the nation’s health sector was shattered as the budgetary allocations to the sector was considered paltry. 

Meanwhile, despite the call to put an end to medical treatment abroad, our politicians still travel abroad for medical reasons, majority of which is paid with taxpayers money. The president himself being culpable. 

However, since the spread of Coronavirus all around the globe especially the most favourable medical tourism destinations, our politicians have immediately become very hale and hearty, none is sick and in need of medical check up abroad. 
Isn't that wonderful? 
Probably this will make them strive more in developing our health sector. 
While the world is praying fervently to put an end to Coronavirus, is it then right for Nigerians to keep praying that the virus remains to make our politicians sit at home and stop the meaningless spending on oversees trips? 

2. Agricultural sector
If you will agree with me, you will acknowledge with no hesitation that the continuation of this global pandemic means that Nigeria has to concentrate on it home products and sell products from first work countries alone. 
Coronavirus as we know is a disease that countries of the world are fighting to put an end to, but the Africans are the lesser negatively affected. 
Although as of March 29, 2020, the confirmed cases of coronavirus all over the world has surpassed 700,000 making China and Italy the most affected region.

3. Commodities
Nigeria will surely have to depend on their home made commodities since the former is now abjected. 
Goods like rice, watches, clothes and others which most Nigerians prefer the imported is now going to be bought in Nigeria since there is now closure of most things in Nigeria.

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