Things you should know as a student before you start regretting

There are many things that somebody who called him or herself a student supposed to understand such as follows

1. As a student, you supposed to know that your future depends on you.

2. There is another life after your academic.

3. You are the hope of your parents.

4. You supposed to have source of income while in school 

5.  Always be ready to face any challenge for your success

 6. Make sure you are close to God 

7. Don't say no because others said no

8. Always ask question where you are confused

9. Be discipline 

10. Always be ready to compet with others 

 1. As a student, you have to know that whatever  you will be in future lies in your hands. And for you to achieve success  you need to work harder.
Many people always think that once  you are educated, your future is better than others or you are more social ranking than others.In a society, you are addressed according to how you dress and as a graduate, differentiate yourself from others by applying intellectual thinking.

Many people always make alot of mistake by just studying any course that jamb or institution gave them without minding whether such course will lead you to what you are dreaming to be in future.It is obvious that many people entered school act of frustration and at the middle, they will be in the state of dilemma.

As a student,first ask yourself question like who am i? What is my aspirations of going to school?  and after school, how will  the society address me. 

3. The best thing to do is to examine yourself what you can do better or what you are good in doing.

After that, you create time for it because practice practice make a perfect. 

Life after school is the hardest period a man will witness in life where by you will graduate and you will be carrying files  up and down seeking for job of any amount. It is the time your parents and siblings are expecting  you to provide for them. 

4. This time you will be planning for betterment of your family and how you will settle as a man or woman. This is the time you can do anything on your own and face the consequences. This time you are now a property of the society and not your family alone. It is the time that you don't tell the society that you don't have or I don't know because you are bearing the name"graduate".

When I said the child is the father of the man, it does not mean that it is a paradox but a reality.As a student whether boy or girl, your family rely on you.

As a student there is a time it will reach and your family will start demanding double of what they are paying you as your school fees.And for you to deny them of such,it means that there is no gain in their sweat for training you. 

As a student, you have to bear all the suffer your parents are suffering trying to make your future better. 

As a student, if you don't have source of income it means there is no knowledge in you and you are hindrance to others success. 

This  means that for you call yourself student, you have to establish one thing or the other that will be generating income for you and not depending for yours parents for everything. 

As a student, you supposed to have some skills so that at least when you graduated, you would rush start perambulating with files looking for job. 
In higher institutions, it is essential that before you graduate, you must learn entrepreneurship in order to equip you with knowledge of innovation.

It is obvious that before you graduate, you must know how to do a new that you don't know before, and that is why teaching started from known to unknown.

As a student, you can learn some skills while in school such as÷ 
Barbing/hair dress
Repairing of phone e.t.c

5. Always be ready to face any challenge for you success:As a student you don't supposed to be timorous in what you are doing. This means that you need to be conscious of everything you are doing so far as it will lead to you success.

Some success always assumed that whether you write well in exam or not lecturer will still fail you but it is capital lie. Any lecturer that fail you when you perform well in exam will not be clear of his or her conscious. And as a student you need to be timid when you are right.

6. Make sure you are close to God.

Being close to God is having a good fellowship with Him, communicating and interacting in the spirit.  
A student with free mind will find it less difficult to get close to God. 
Getting close to God means you have to stop some certain thing such as smoking, drinking etc. 

7. Don't say no because others said no

Believe you can do it. Believe you can make it. Be optimistic about you, about your ability a d you will see yourself succeeding so greatly.

8. Always ask question where you are confused.

A student is Simone who is learning. You are expected to ask questions when you are confused or worried or don't know the kind of decsioson to be taken.
Asking questions doesn't lead to death. It actually make us Alive.

9. Be discipline 

Have a good control over yourself and the things around.

10. Always be ready to compete with others

You must be ready to embrace challenges from differs Angle. Compete with people. Competition will only make you stronger and tougher.

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